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Streamlining Recovery Education

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) designed for NHS Recovery Colleges

Your Partner in Mental Health Education Management

Our MIS is custom-built for Recovery Colleges, streamlining program management into one efficient system. It automates key stages of the learner journey, reducing administrative tasks and boosting team productivity. Key features include enrollment management, attendance tracking, automated surveys, and comprehensive reporting, all designed to enhance the effectiveness of mental health recovery education.

Reliable and scalable

Envelope offers a secure, user-friendly platform to enhance educational delivery by Recovery Colleges. It combines robust security features with comprehensive student and course management tools. Envelope stands out as a scalable, customisable solution that fosters a seamless and efficient operational experience.

Custom Design

Designed for Recovery Colleges with high customisation flexibility.

Advanced Reporting

Efficient insights with built-in analytics and data visualisation.

Scalable Solution

Capable of managing Recovery and Discovery Colleges.

Robust and Secure

Ongoing security, maintenance, and performance monitoring.

Dedicated Support

ePact Ltd ensures robust support and regular maintenance.

Compliance Assurance

Features designed for compliance in data handling.

Dedicated Support and Maintenance Services

Our comprehensive support and maintenance services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your institution. Our team is dedicated to providing reliable, responsive assistance to ensure that your educational programs run smoothly and efficiently. With our expert support, you can confidently focus on your core mission of fostering recovery and resilience, knowing that the technical aspects are in capable hands. Our commitment to excellence and innovation in support services means that you can trust us to be a valuable partner in your journey towards educational and operational success.

Advanced Reporting and Data Visualisation

Envelope excels in its ability to generate comprehensive reports, complete with intuitive charts and data visualisations. This feature empowers Recovery Colleges to not only view but also thoroughly understand their operational data. With the capability to drill down into specifics, users can explore data layers, uncovering detailed insights into student progress, course effectiveness, and overall college performance. These advanced reporting tools are particularly useful for creating quarterly reports at the click of a button, allowing for a dynamic and in-depth assessment of the college's achievements and areas for improvement. Whether it's tracking enrolment trends, monitoring attendance rates, or evaluating the success of different programs, Envelope's reporting system transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, aiding in strategic decision-making and continuous enhancement of the educational experience.

Advanced Features

Real-Time Reporting

Offers instant generation of detailed reports on student progress, course effectiveness, and operational metrics.


Automated Survey Management

Facilitates the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, including specialised ones like ReQoL.

Online Booking System

Enables students to easily enroll in courses and workshops online, with real-time updates on availability.

Robust Access Control

Implements role-based access controls to ensure users can only access information and functionalities relevant to their role.

Document Management

Includes a secure document management system for storing and sharing important documents and resources.

Attendance Data Recording

Offers a system for recording and tracking attendance data, enabling accurate and up-to-date monitoring of student participation in courses and workshops.

Automated Notifications

Sends out automated email and SMS notifications for course confirmations, reminders, and other important communications.

Export Templates

Allowing to export data using customisable CSV templates, tailored for your specific needs.

Tutor Access Features

Grants tutors access to necessary tools and information, including student progress, course materials, and communication channels.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Utilises cloud technology for scalable, reliable, and accessible system infrastructure, ensuring high availability and performance.



Our system provides a comprehensive REST API, enabling seamless integration with a variety of other systems for enhanced functionality and interoperability.

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