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Envelope for Adult Education

Cloud-based Management Information System (MIS) specifically designed for the dynamic needs of Adult Learning Colleges

Building for Education

Empowering UK Adult Education

Envelope is a tailored, cloud-based Management Information System (MIS) specifically designed for the dynamic needs of Adult Education Colleges and training providers. It represents a crucial step forward in managing and enhancing educational offerings, ensuring that your college remains at the forefront of educational innovation and efficiency.

Audit and Compliance

Simplify and streamline your audit process.

ILR Management

Intuitive and comprehensive tools to effectively manage your ILR process.

Curriculum Design

Plan, execute, and evaluate your curriculum effectively.

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Advanced Features

Discover the power of Envelope: Advanced ILR management, curriculum planning, audit, funding and subcontractor management, all in one intuitive platform.

Reliable and scalable

With a diverse range of educational provisions, including the Adult Education Budget, Apprenticeships, Multiply and more, your college needs a system that not only keeps pace but also propels you forward. Envelope is this system - a comprehensive Learner Management System built to evolve with your college's growing and changing needs. It expertly manages and tracks student data, integrating seamlessly with various third-party software to streamline operations.

Custom Design

Tailored to adapt to policy changes, Envelope offers unmatched customization over standard MIS platforms.

Advanced Reporting

Efficient insights with built-in analytics and data visualisation.

Scalable Solution

capable of managing multiple subcontractors and funding streams.

Seamless Integration

Compatible with various systems like LMS and payment gateways.

Dedicated Support

ePact Ltd ensures robust support and regular maintenance for Envelope.

Compliance Assurance

Features designed for ESFA compliance in data handling.

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Core Features

Comprehensive Enrolment Forms

Streamline the registration experience with tools for online, over-the-phone, and in-person enrolment, accommodating various participant requirements.


ILR Manager

ILR creation is a critical aspect of compliance, our software offers intuitive and comprehensive tools to effectively manage the ILR process.

Evidence Management

Streamline student file management by allowing direct uploads of eligibility and concessional evidence, complemented by an efficient verification process to ensure accuracy and compliance, including signature collection.

Funding Monitoring

Funding calculation and monitoring feature ensures accurate financial resource allocation and oversight, streamlining the program's fiscal management.

Eligibility Checkers

Swiftly verify student residency and concessionary eligibility based on their information and course details, streamlining enrolment and ensuring compliance and accessibility.

Payment Solutions

Facilitate flexible payment options for course fees, supporting both online and phone transactions through integration with multiple payment gateways.

Secure and reliable

Designed for secure and reliable operations, providing peace of mind through robust data protection and consistent system performance.

Integrated Communication Tools

Engage directly with students and staff via built-in email and text messaging services, ensuring clear, timely communication.

Export Templates

Allowing to export data using customisable CSV templates, tailored for specific needs such as the ESFA Course Directory.

Progress Trackers

Customise and track each student's learning journey, recording academic progress, and personal development in a centralised profile.

Support Monitoring

Efficiently track and monitor individual student support needs, ensuring timely assistance for optimal success.

Assessment Management

Seamless booking features and integration with third-party assessment tools like BKSB, enhancing both the efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluation process.


Audit Manager

Simplify and streamline the audit preparation process, saving significant time. Provide auditors with secure, direct access to centralised student files, facilitating a more efficient audit experience.

Comes with a website

Our system includes a website optimised for course marketing and booking. Alternatively, we offer assistance with integrating our booking system into your existing website.

SAR Generation

Our system produces a complete data set tailored for compiling your Self Assessment Report, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy in evaluation.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access real-time insights with customisable reports on student performance, enrolment trends, and operational efficiency to inform decision-making.



Our system provides a comprehensive REST API, enabling seamless integration with a variety of other systems for enhanced functionality and interoperability.

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