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Specialised Software for

Cycle Training Providers

Empowering Cycle Training Providers with Smart, Simplified Solutions

Streamlining Cycle Training Management

We understand the complexities and challenges of managing cycling training programs. Our innovative web application is designed to seamlessly handle bookings, participant data, and course administration for a variety of training programs, including school-based sessions, holiday courses, family outings, and adult training.

Reliable and scalable

Our system is not just about efficiency; it's about ensuring compliance and accuracy. With Envelope, you can rest assured that your training sessions are organised, booked in advance, and fully aligned with funding and reporting requirements.

Custom Design

Designed with high customisation flexibility and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Advanced Reporting

Efficient insights with built-in analytics and data visualisation.

Scalable Solution

Capable of managing various funding streams.

Robust and Secure

Ongoing security, maintenance, and performance monitoring.

Dedicated Support

ePact Ltd ensures robust support and regular maintenance.

Compliance Assurance

Features designed for compliance in data handling.

Core Features

Real-Time Reporting

Offers instant generation of detailed reports on student progress, course effectiveness, and operational metrics.


Engaging Course Advertising

Showcase your courses with compelling descriptions and imagery, and provide clear fee structures.

Online Booking System

Efficiently gather and store participant details, making course organisation smoother and more reliable.

Robust Access Control

Implements role-based access controls to ensure users can only access information and functionalities relevant to their role.

Document Management

Includes a secure document management system for storing and sharing important documents and resources.

Attendance Data Recording

Instructors receive or access real-time registers, ensuring accurate attendance tracking.

Automated Notifications

Sends out automated email and SMS notifications for course confirmations, reminders, and other important communications.

Export Templates

Allowing to export data using customisable CSV templates, tailored for specific needs such as the Bikeability reports.

Tutor Access Features

Grants tutors access to necessary tools and information, including student progress, course materials, and communication channels.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Utilises cloud technology for scalable, reliable, and accessible system infrastructure, ensuring high availability and performance.


Robust Payment Process

Simplify enrolments with integrated consent forms and a hassle-free payment system.

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