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Advanced Apprenticeship Management for
Levy Employers

Streamline your operations with our advanced Management Information System

Efficiently handle and organise contract details

Automatically calculate funding and grant allocations

Streamlines record creation and tracking for levy employers.

Empowering Apprenticeship Management

Our system is specifically tailored for managing apprenticeship and pre-employment opportunities. Designed to centralise and simplify program administration, our MIS replaces multiple data sources with a single, efficient system. Key features include automating processes across the apprenticeship journey, reducing administrative burden, and boosting team productivity.

Reliable and scalable

With a diverse range of funding sources, including the Apprenticeships Levy, Levy Transfer, direct funding and more, your organisation needs a system that not only keeps pace but also propels you forward. Envelope is this system - a comprehensive Management System built to evolve with your growing and changing needs. It expertly manages and tracks apprentice data, integrating seamlessly with various third-party software to streamline operations.

Custom Design

Tailored to adapt to policy changes, Envelope offers unmatched customisation and flexibility.

Advanced Reporting

Efficient insights with built-in analytics and data visualisation.

Scalable Solution

capable of managing multiple funding streams.

Seamless Integration

Our comprehensive API makes it compatible with various existing systems.

Dedicated Support

ePact Ltd ensures robust support and regular maintenance.

Compliance Assurance

Features designed for compliance in data handling.

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance

Post-installation, ePACT commits to maintaining software functionality for uninterrupted operations. Our services include performance optimisation, error resolution, security updates, customisation and software upgrades. Our expert team provides ongoing support to manage any technical issues, ensuring minimal downtime and smooth operations.

Advancing Apprenticeship Management Solutions

As we embark on our journey, our vision is clear: to establish our system as the premier choice in the sector for managing apprenticeship and pre-employment services. We're just at the beginning, but the road ahead is filled with exciting developments. In the near future, we plan to introduce groundbreaking tools and functionalities, including AI assistance and custom automation flows. These innovations are designed to simplify and streamline your processes, making management effortless and more efficient. Stay tuned for these enhancements, as we continue to evolve and shape the future of apprenticeship and pre-employment service management.

Advanced Features

Comprehensive Reporting

Provides insightful reports and analytics for performance monitoring and data-driven decision-making.


Apprentice Management

Facilitates the creation and tracking of records for apprentices, training providers, and employers.

Comprehensive Registration Forms

Streamline the enquiry and registration experience with tools accommodating various participant requirements.

Evidence Management

Streamline file management by allowing direct uploads of document to ensure accuracy and compliance, including signature collection.

Funding Monitoring

Funding calculation and monitoring feature ensures accurate financial resource allocation and oversight, streamlining the fiscal management.

Secure and reliable

Designed for secure and reliable operations, providing peace of mind through robust data protection and consistent system performance.

Communication Management

Engage directly with apprentices, providers, employers and staff via built-in email and text messaging services, ensuring clear, timely communication.

Export Templates

Allowing to export data using customisable CSV templates, tailored for specific needs such as the ESFA Course Directory.

Contract Management:

Streamline contract handling with comprehensive management features, ensuring all details are organized and easily accessible.

Progress Trackers

Customise and track each apprentice's learning journey, recording academic progress, and personal development in a centralised profile by allowing providers to interact with your system.



Our system provides a comprehensive REST API, enabling seamless integration with a variety of other systems for enhanced functionality and interoperability.


Set Tasks and Reminders

Enhance productivity by scheduling tasks and setting automated reminders, ensuring critical deadlines are never missed.


Keeping Notes

Utilise a user-friendly interface for making and retrieving notes, enhancing communication and record-keeping efficiency.


Funding and Grant Calculations

Implement sophisticated algorithms for precise funding and grant calculations, ensuring accurate financial planning and allocation.

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